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What is melamine board production process

1.1 Paper quality and impregnation process

    In order to ensure the quality of the impregnated film paper, high quality decorative original paper must be used. Whether it should be used in advance /, it is unqualified to use it after the inspection, and it is unqualified. During the impregnation process, the operation is strictly operated according to the process requirements, sampling every half an hour, ensuring that the glue is 130% to 150%, the volatile content is 6% ~ 7%, the pre-curing degree is ≤65% technical requirements; impregnation And dry film paper must be packaged immediately with a plastic film, and stick it with a rubber strip; store the temperature 20-25 ° C, moisture 55% a moisture, mounted in the warehouse with air conditioners, storage time should not exceed 3 doors When using the principle of using the following, the use of incomplete paper should be used immediately and sent to the warehouse to store, and the moisture can cause the film paper bonding and cannot be used, causing unnecessary losses.

    1.2 substrate quality

    Substrates commonly used in the formation of the veneer. For particleboard, it should be purchased according to different requirements of customers, but the particleboard products must meet the requirements of the first-class products of GB / T4897-92. Quality requirements for substrates:

    (1) The panel is flat and clean, and there is no water stain, oil, and effective sizes.

    (2) The thickness deviation of the sheet should not exceed ± 0.2 mm, and the sand is uniform, and there is no leakage phenomenon.

    (3) The water content of the sheet should be controlled within 6% -10%. Because the particleboard is mostly the purchase, the change in the environment can cause changes in the aqueous content of the plate. If the water content is high, it may cause a phenomenon that can be made, layered during the veneer; if the water content is low, or the impregnation paper volatile content is low, it may cause the surface of the hot press to be well wetted and produced. Paperboard hierarchy. Therefore, it is necessary to observe at any time during the production process, and remove unqualified substrates in time.

1.3 hot pressing process

    The three elements of the hot pressing process are interdependent, and they need to be analyzed and adjusted when performing process adjustment. The three factors have different effects on the veneer, and the hot pressing temperature is mainly catalyzed by the chemical reaction of the impregnation resin, that is, accelerates curing. According to the actual requirements of production and the author's experience, the hot press temperature is more suitable at 145 to 165 ° C. The temperature is conducive to the demolding after the sticker, and can shorten the heat pressure in the same period, increase the output, but the excessive temperature makes the resin are uniformly flowing, resulting in a small pore.