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OSB1-Furniture Grade OSB Board
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OSB is made from real wood
OSB is manufactured in a cross-oriented pattern similar to plywood to create a strong, stiff structural panel. OSB is composed of thin rectangular-shaped wood strands arranged in layers at right angles to one another, which are laid up into mats that form a panel. OSB is bonded with water-resistant adhesives. Most panels are also treated with a sealant on the panel edges to guard against moisture penetration during shipment.

As an added feature, panels are often textured on at least one side to provide a slip resistant surface. OSB uses the wood resource very efficiently, in part because sheathing panels can be made using smaller, younger fast-growing tree species, such as aspen and southern yellow pine. Plus, about 85-90 percent of a log can be used to make high quality structural panels, and the remainder--bark, saw trim, and sawdust--can be converted into energy, pulp chips or bark dust.

ProductOriented strand board (OSB)
Material Poplar, Pine, Combi, Hardwood
Glue WBP / Phenolic /E0 /E1/E2/MDI
Size 1220x2440,1250x2500 or accept customization
Thickness 6-45mm(9.5mm,11.1mm,12mm,15mm,18mm)  or accept customization 
Delivery Time 15-25 Days 
Thickness Tolerance Thickness:+/ -0.2mm
Size Tolerance Length &Width:+/-2mm
Usage          Roof decking, furniture, packing, hoarding, signboards and portable building, constructional insulation board, 
Production Advantages:1) Tight construction and high strength;
2) Minimum twisting, delamination or warping;
3) Water proof, consistent when exposed in the natural or wet environment;
4) Low formaldehyde emission;
5) Good nailing strength, easy to be sawn, nailed, drilled, grooved, planed, filed or polished;
7) Good heat and sound resistant, easy to be coated;
8) Note the OSB 3 is for use on flat roof situtaions, a far better product than standard chipboard or particleboard.
PaymentT/T or L/C at sight

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