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EV EBONY Face Fancy Plywood
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Detailed introduction

What is Fancy Plywood?

Fancy Plywood (decorative plywood), is a kind of natural wood or technical wood sliced into slices of a certain thickness, adhered to the surface of the plywood, and then hot pressed for indoor decoration or for furniture manufacturing.

Common veneers are divided into natural wood veneer veneers and artificial veneer veneers. The appearance difference between artificial veneer veneer and natural wood veneer veneer is that the texture of the former is basically straight or the pattern is regular; while the latter is natural wood pattern, the texture pattern is natural, the variability is relatively large and irregular, and its characteristics: It not only has the beautiful pattern of wood, but also achieves the full use of wood resources and reduces the cost. According to the type of wood, the veneers on the market generally include ebony veneer, teak veneer, walnut veneer, maple veneer, ash veneer, beech veneer and so on.

EV EBONY are suitable for indoor decoration, various furniture and office conference tables.
product description:
1. Dense texture and clear texture.
2. Bright color, smooth and bright.
3. Environmental protection and safety, easy to use.
4. The formaldehyde emission meets the standard requirements.

Product Specifications

Specification: 1220mm×2440mm can be customized

Glue:E0 glue, E1 glue,E2 glue

Thickness: 3.0-30mm or any specifications can be customized
Grade: AAA, AA, A, AB, BC, C various grades
Mositure: 8%-10%
Features: Ebony UV paint veneer is made of technological ebony veneer, environmentally friendly glue, no peculiar smell, no formaldehyde release
Uses: general furniture, cabinetry, decoration engineering, paneling, flooring, wooden doors, stairs, boats, etc.
Packing: can be packed according to customer needs

Product Detail

EV EBONY Face Fancy PlywoodEV EBONY Face Fancy Plywood

EV EBONY Face Fancy PlywoodEV EBONY Face Fancy Plywood

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