Product Name:
Pencil Cedar Plywood
500 - 1999 Pieces $15.65
Qing Dao
E0 E1 E2 MR
Place of Origin:
Shandong, China
>500 Pieces

Detailed introduction

Pencil Cedar Plywood Advantages

Pencil Cedar Plywood is good hardness, continuous board, no layer opening, no blistering, good board surface flatness, can be painted directly, strong bonding force, continuous board, good tensile force, strong bearing capacity, the core board is a whole core, secondary molding, moisture content 10-14%, no warpage, E0 glue, environmentally friendly, formaldehyde-free, green, healthy and environmentally friendly.

Uses: Multilayer boards for furniture, plywood for furniture, wood plywood for furniture, plywood for cabinets, cabinet countertops, cabinet back panels, cabinet partitions, plywood for small door panels, children's furniture panels, panels for handicrafts, export For packing boxes, special plywood for furniture factory, plywood for table tennis racket, plywood for fitness equipment, multi-layer board for doors and windows, solid wood multi-layer board.

Pencil Cedar Plywood Specification

1. Size: 1220x2440, or customized according to customer requirements, special sizes are accepted.
2. Thickness: 3-40mm
3. Glue: E0, E1, E2, MR, WBP, melamine
4. Core board: poplar, eucalyptus / poplar eucalyptus mixed core
5. Face/Back: bleached poplar, poplar natural color, patterned poplar, Okoume, birch, kauri, Bintangor, Gurjan, etc.
6. Packaging: standard export plywood pallet packaging
(1) Inner packing: 0.2mm thick plastic bag; (2) Outer packing: fixed with steel strapping

Product Images

Pencil Cedar Plywood

Pencil Cedar Plywood

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